Want to sell your home? One of the most important things you can do to set it apart from the competition and help it to sell quicker is to do a bit of updating, setting the stage for a move-in ready home for potential buyers. Some of the smallest and least time consuming projects can make the biggest impact on the look of a space, not only appealing to buyers, but you’ll have a chance to enjoy the updates until you sell!

Create an Accent Wall
If you have a room that could use a new coat of paint but don’t want to paint the entire space, consider an accent wall. Choosing just one wall to create a focal point in the room is a great way of updating the look while bringing in a modern feel. This will be a big change for minimal effort, and can likely be a project you can complete in less than one day.

Some of the popular and trending colors are selections in the dark/neutral gray family, shades of green, as well as hues of blue. Be sure to bring your paint samples home from the store to see what they will truly look like in the natural daylight of the space you’ve chosen to paint. One tip to choosing the wall you will make your focal point is to use the one where the largest piece of furniture goes, like the couch or the bed.

More Tips to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Update Outlet and Lightswitch Covers
Nothing says outdated like the “under a dollar” light switch covers that have probably been in the home since it was built. A quick and easy way to add some modern to any room is to change those outdated switch covers and outlet covers to decorative ones in colors like brushed nickel or bronze, depending on the current decor in the room.

Add Hooks
Other eye catching additions to a room include hooks and other organizational ways to keep things up off the floor. These updates bring in an updated feel, as well as giving a space an organized look.

Change Window Treatments
Take a close look at the current window treatments in the home you are trying to sell. Are they the same mini blinds or curtains you put up when you moved in? Maybe they are even the same ones that were there before you moved in! Changing the window treatments can be one of the simplest ways to update a room. Remove heavy room darkening curtains and replace them with light, airy sheers, allowing as much light into the room as possible, especially during the Spring. Choosing a bold color can also be a great way to update the look while maintaining the cozy feel of the space. More on Selling Your Lehigh Valley Home in the Spring.

Update Cabinet Hardware
Another one of the least expensive and least time consuming ways to update not only the kitchen but the bathroom as well, is to change the current hardware on the cabinets with modern pieces. Choosing hardware to match the other metals in the space will dramatically change an outdated look, allowing buyers to notice the attention to detail in the home you are trying to sell.

Each of these quick and easy room updates will show buyers your attention to detail, helping to place your home a step above the competition.

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