It is becoming easier for Lehigh Valley home buyers to get a mortgage loan, as the banks are easing up on the rules just slightly. Overall, our area is experiencing a recovery in the housing market and this is another sign of that. This is encouraging news for potential home buyers that have good credit and are ready to make a move!

According to the most recent quarterly survey by FICO and risk management association PRMIA, nearly 20 percent of bank risk professionals anticipate the criteria for approving loans to become more relaxed. While 20 percent may sound like a low number, it is a sign that things are improving and buyers that could not purchase before may be able to now or soon.

In the first quarter of 2013, almost 10 percent of banks (overall, not all in the Lehigh Valley) have already lessened the rules for loaning low-risk mortgages, according to the Federal Reserve’s most recent survey of senior loan officers.

All of that being said, banks will continue to be wary of lending to buyers with weaker credit scores, as what we’re experiencing in the Lehigh Valley housing market is a gradual improvement. In order to be in the best possible position as a home buyer, you may need to improve your credit score.

Each and every person is entitled to view their credit report once a year, for FREE. Visit once a year to not only view, but print and keep your credit report. The website gives a report from each of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. This is a great way to look at all of your credit history and be able to make changes if needed. Always check for errors, as it does happen quite frequently. You wouldn’t want any surprises when it comes time to get pre-approved for your mortgage!

Again, I’m happy to report another sign of our area’s improving real estate market!

What is the biggest challenge you think you have to overcome in order to buy a home?

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