While it’s important to make sure every space in your home is picture-perfect ready to show potential buyers, it’s also important to know what rooms to put the most focus on.  What are buyers going to feel are the most important things to have in a home?  If you want to sell quickly and for top dollar, what appeals to the majority of today’s buyers?

It’s no surprise that the kitchen is the number one area to focus on, since in most cases it becomes the heart of the home for family and friends to gather.  Make sure it’s up to date with neutral tones, fresh paint, a clean back splash, and modern appliances.

The master bedroom is the second most important room to focus on when preparing to sell, but what buyers want today is different than even just a few short years ago.  The changes that have taken place in the economy have given new light to what’s important, causing buyers to focus on things like privacy, relaxation, and function instead of bold designs, jet tubs, and combined sleeping and sitting areas.


  • A place to retreat to, complete with ample privacy and insulated walls to keep the noise both in and out
  • Separate sleeping and sitting areas
  • Lots of lighting with dimming options
  • Master bathroom with a larger shower stall that allows for more movement
  • Deep soaking tub, but not the huge jet tubs that were popular a few years ago
  • Energy efficient features like heating elements that keep bath water a constant temperature without draining the hot water heater
  • Separate “his” and “hers” spaces in the bathroom

Times have certainly changed and in order to position your home to sell quickly and for the most money, it’s important to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers.  While average home square-footage has remained relatively the same, it’s how that space is used that has changed.  For example, formal rooms, like dining rooms and living rooms, are disappearing and families are opting for every-day use areas to play a larger part in their purchasing and design decisions.

Where have you made updates in your home to change with the times?

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