Today's Real Estate MarketOver the last few years, almost everything you thought you needed to know about buying and selling a home has changed.  In order to stay current with today’s real estate market, here are a few important pieces of “news you can use”.

Barb’s Top 10 Things to Know About Real Estate Today

10. Distressed Properties: Short Sales and Bank Foreclosures (REOs) are not for everyone: Hurdles to Overcome:

  • “As is” property condition
  • Increased paperwork & complexity
  • Increased chance for multiple offers
  • Bank REO process is long & arduous
  • Buyer probably is not getting a “steal”
  • Buyer must be patient

9. “Aging in Place”

Did you know?

  • Half of older women age 75+ live alone.
  • Persons reaching age 65 have an average life expectancy of an additional 18.1 years.
  • The 85+ population is projected to increase from 4.6 million in 2002 to 9.6 million in 2030.
  • Median # of years home owners are staying in their homes has increased from 8 to 10 yrs.

8. Today’s Agent Must be Tech Savvy

Source: Keller Williams International








Every source was used less except one – the Realtor!

7. Down Payments of 5% or Less Have NOT Disappeared

  • Both first-time and repeat buyers are putting less than 20% down, even though a down payment of 20% will typically provide the best financing terms.
  • 68% of first-time buyers and 28% of repeat buyers had a down payment of 5% or less in 2011.

6. Yes, it’s Still the Economy

  • Employment will remain a challenge over the next few years, which impacts the market by tempering GDP and holding back demand for home buying.
  • To get back to 6% unemployment, 13.3 million jobs need to be added over the next 3 years. That’s 400,000 jobs/month.


5. Condition is the Key for Serious Buyers

  • Homes in better condition sold for an average of 96% of list price compared to 92% of list price for homes in poorer condition.
  • The most common updates are: Paint (44%), Floorings (25%), and Lighting Fixtures (20%)

4. Home Staging is Well Worth the Effort

  • Staged Homes sell faster.
  • Staged homes get higher offers.
  • Staged houses look better in the MLS pictures, getting more potential buyers to actually come see the house in the first place.
  • Staged houses have an edge over competing properties, and the staging can often sway the final decision.

3. It’s Been a Great Market for First-Time Home Buyers

Source: Keller Williams International










2. Price it Right the First Time!

  • For the 48% of sellers who set their listing price according to their agent’s interpretation of the market value of their house:
    • Sold faster – 56 days compared to 105
    • Sold for 6.7% higher list
    • Experienced fewer price reductions (4 to 6 weeks between price reductions of between $5,000 and $15,000)

1. The End is in Sight – We Have “Hit Bottom”

  • We have been in a Buyer’s Market for the last 6 years because: home prices have been low, mortgage rates are at an all-time low, and inventory has been high.
  • Prices have stabilized (we’ve had our pricing correction), it doesn’t seem likely that interest rates can go any lower and we are reaching an inventory balance.

I am not a fortune teller, but I have been through enough up and down markets in my career (especially the down market of 1990-1992) to recognize the signs of recovery…and we’re seeing a lot of them right now!

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