Want to learn about how to get a PA Real Estate License and get a step up on the competition when you start your new career? Read on!

The state of Pennsylvania requires that an individual take 60 hours of approved classroom instruction in basic real estate courses. Upon successful completion of the course work, you will be pre-approved to sit for the state-licensing exam by your instructor. The instructor at your course location will provide you with the necessary application materials to register for the state exam.

There are many on-line courses available to enhance your classroom experience. However, if you just attend the classes and study conscientiously, you can pass the exam without investing money in extra computer software courses. Work with your instructor or with your agent mentors at Keller Williams to identify areas where you need more work and do that on your own by reviewing the course material and strengthening your weak areas. Really, everything you need to know to pass the state exam is covered in the course work in the classroom. The math portion of the test is not daunting. Even if math is not your strong point, you’ll be able to master the basics needed for the exam. You need to simply study the sample formulas. Once you understand the basic formulas, they can be applied to any question based on a specific formula.

Besides the basic requirements to obtain a real estate license, there are a few other things you should consider as well. Selling real estate is not a nine to five job, it is a career commitment. Before you earn your license you should start to consider the pros and cons of which Lehigh Valley Real Estate office/broker will be the best place for you to “hang” your license and more importantly, to learn the career and business skills you’ll need to be a successful Lehigh Valley realtor. We strongly encourage you to contact Shawn Morrow, the Team Leader at the Lehigh Valley Keller Williams offices, for answers to your questions about a real estate career.

As a new sales agent you will need to learn the ropes, so-to-speak. This is where your choice of real estate companies becomes so important. Any particular company you choose will have certain procedures they follow for listing properties, sharing “opportunity” time and covering your operating expenses, but most of all each one will provide different levels of coaching and training. More information on determining the right office for your real estate career can be found here.

You will need a good vehicle in decent shape to transport clients to view properties. You will also being doing a good amount of driving around to properties yourself, the purpose being to check listing locations and be familiar with each property before you show them to potential buyers. Bear in mind that your mileage and upkeep of your vehicle will be a taxable business expense, so keep good records. In addition you’ll have some minor start-up operating costs such as business cards, flyers and your time. You will be a self-employed, independent business person – you may be independent, but you won’t be alone if you start your career at Keller Williams. Contact Shawn to find out about all the KW coaching and mentoring programs available to you as you embark on your new Lehigh Valley Real Estate career.

Quick Review:

  1. Contact Shawn at Keller Williams for a one-on-one career counseling session and help evaluating whether Real Estate is the career for you!
  2. Enroll in an approved Pennsylvania Real Estate School and the Keller Williams Sales Training & Coaching Program
  3. Successfully complete your Real Estate License course work
  4. Register for and pass the Pennsylvania Real Estate License Exam
  5. Start your new career at either the Keller Williams Lehigh County office or the Keller Williams Northampton County office.

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