Changes in Home Design Trends for 2012

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As we welcome in 2012,  I wanted to take a look at some of the newest design trends that we are seeing when it comes to home style and decor.  Many people are focused on renovating their existing home or buying a more energy-efficient home, so there is no surprise that some of these trends follow suit.

The first trend I want to talk about is the formal family room.  More people are interested in making sure that the family room is open, spacious and able to encourage family gatherings.  With people focused on spending more time with family after a long day at work, it’s no surprise that more home buyers are leaning toward creating these spacious areas where the family can be together whether they’re watching television or eating dinner.

Having an open family room also allows for people to feel like they have more space to entertain and hang out with family if they cannot afford to have a second level or a basement area.

Another change in home décor for 2012 is the replacement of soaker tubs with steam showers.  People are focused on having showcase bathrooms, so they are removing the soaker tubs to allow for space to have a steam shower installed.

Finally, another home décor item that we are seeing go out the window is the two story foyer.  We all know that two story foyers of been very popular for several years, but more people are seeing them as a waste of space.  They are also not very energy-efficient in most cases.

Instead, people are opting to have drop zones where they can easily put their coats, boots and umbrellas.  People are looking for more functional spaces rather than areas that look pretty but cost a lot of money to heat and cool.  Instead, people would rather have that extra space upstairs than a two story foyer.

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