These days, everyone has gadgets around there homes.  TV’s, computers, multi-use monitors, kitchen appliances and many other electronics that make it necessary to have power strips protruding from almost every electrical socket in your home.  Not every gadget is completely necessary for daily function, however it is nice to retain the ability to use your devices when you want them, while also being able to employ cost saving techniques to lower your energy bill.  Also, don’t forget: the bigger the gadget, the more power you will draw.  So how do you cut down on electricity?

A couple of common sense solutions spring immediately to mind.  You can start by turning off your devices when they are not in use, unplugging appliances when they are not in use and setting you’re heat at an acceptable, consistent level.  Another common energy drain is lighting.  You should always turn your lights off when they are not in use, especially if your current lights are incandescent bulbs.  Incandescent lights use up to 6 times more energy (measured in KHW) and only have a tenth of the lifespan of LED bulbs. 

While your common household appliances and devices are limited in how often you can change them out (because of the cost, convenience and material attachment), light bulbs are easily replaceable.  In the case of LED lights, due to their approximately 60,000 hour bulb life, the ease of replacement is increased ten-fold.  Using LED lights in your home means less bulb swapping and less energy usage and ultimately results in a significant savings in your energy bill; especially when paired with the aforementioned common sense solutions.

With the way the lighting market is moving, LED lights are poised to be the future lighting solutions for your home; and with good reason: they will save you money and help you lower your energy bill.

What other tips do you have to help lower your electric bill?

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