Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Us – Not Them!

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In a sea of agents, trust me – you want to hire someone who can keep your deals afloat and get you the best deal on the home of your dreams.  But I’m not suggesting you hire us based only on this one statement, in fact, I can provide you a list of reasons why we are a cut above the rest.  

Whether you are considering a new home so you can move up and into something better, or you want to invest in some property to avail the fantastic low rates out there right now, we want you to hire us, the Barb Bottitta Team of Lehigh Valley Home Experts.  Here are the top five reasons why hiring us for your real estate buying dreams will end up in you getting your dream home and us having a fruitful relationship with years of professional friendship to come.  But don’t take our word for it – the reasons listed below have come from our actual clients, who after years of being asked why they chose us over others, collectively answered with these consistent responses:

We Listen To YouYou wouldn’t believe the nightmare stories we have heard about other agents trying to impose their own preferences on buyers.  Well, where we’re concerned, we understand and value the importance of your needs and the first step to implementing them is to foster solid communication – both ways.  That way, you can count on us going after the things that are most important to you and we can count on you trusting us.

Our Team Follows Through 

Nothing is more frustrating than to send an email or leave a voicemail for your agent and then spend hours, days or even weeks waiting for a response.  Our mantra is to follow through with everything and that means that every communication we get or every item that needs to be discussed, relayed or investigated – no matter what it might be – we get it done.  If we said we’d do it, you can count on it getting done.  

We Know Our Markets

Anyone can become an agent and often there are agents who “handle” markets all over the place, regardless of whether they’ve ever stepped foot in the town or not.  Inside information on the little nuances of a place can only come from a person or a team that knows the area well.  When you’re looking at buying a property, this inside knowledge is paramount and one that we pass on to our clients by way of our knowledge of the industry and our markets.

Our Team Is Solid and Strong

The hand picked team that we have developed did not happen by accident.  With careful consideration and years of cultivated relationships, we have created the perfect blend of a solid team and strong organization that keeps its promises, while delivering everything according to plan. That, too, is not by accident.  I have personally developed a system for every aspect of our organization so that we can carefully measure our progress and provide our clients with optimum service.  

Honesty and Integrity Is Our Priority 

Finally, our priority remains honesty and integrity.  We realize that in a business such as ours there can be lots of ups and down – and there is no better demonstration of that than the current state of our real estate market and overall economy.  Our clients know that we will always be honest with them about what to expect, whether or not their expectations are realistic and anything else that may come up in the myriad transactions that take place for real estate.  We take our relationship with our clients and their needs very seriously and work very hard not to jeopardize that trust.  Poor representation can cost thousands of dollars – excellent representation is priceless.

With these five aspects of our business, we are confident that our clients understand our priorities and have rewarded us with their business in exchange.  I invite you to come visit us to see if there is anything we can do to help you get into your next dream home.  We won’t let you walk away disappointed.

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Why Choose Our Team?

Each member of the team is an expert in their area and contributes to the synergy. Our well tested systems will smooth the way from starting line to contract dotted line. Contact us for Real Estate services that exceed your expectations and help you achieve your home buying and selling goals.

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