As the Lehigh Valley welcomes in the Fall season, there are many autumn themed events, attractions, and things to do for the entire family.  There is no better way to experience the changing colors of the leave, the rolling streams and creeks, and the cool crisp air than to take the Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour.  Perfect for a day spent alone or an outing for a family of all ages, you won’t be disappointed with all the memories you will create, and the pictures you will take!

Of the slightly more than 200 covered bridges still standing in Pennsylvania, seven excellent examples are community treasures in the Lehigh Valley.  Five of these, which are open for traffic, often are taken for granted when crossed by travelers every day.  The Lehigh Valley Covered Bridge Tour will offer you an opportunity to journey back in time to a quieter, more idyllic way of life.

The tour is approximately 50 miles long and includes several spots perfect for taking a break and having a picnic.  There are signs and written directions to guide you along the tour, complete with any weight restrictions for your safety.  The tour begins at 7th and Hamilton Streets, Center Square, in Allentown.

The bridges included in the tour are:

1. Bogert’s Bridge – This bridge was built in 1841 and is suitable for walking, running, or biking, but no vehicles.

2. Manasses Guth Bridge – Built in 1858, this bridge is 105 ft. long and allows for vehicle traffic.

3. Wehr’s Covered Bridge – Also built in 1841, this bridge allows for vehicle traffic.

4. Rex’s Covered Bridge – This 116 ft. long bridge was built in 1858 and allows for vehicle traffic.

5. Geiger’s Covered Bridge – Built in 1860, this bridge allows for vehicle traffic.

6. Schlicher’s Covered Bridge – This 108 ft. bridge is owned by the state of Pa and allows for vehicle traffic.

7. Kreidersville Covered Bridge – This is the oldest of the bridges on the tour, built in 1839.  No vehicles are able to pass over this bridge, but it makes for a perfect spot to relax, take some pictures, and enjoy the scenery.

There are so many things to do and see in the Lehigh Valley and fall is the perfect time to plan an outdoor outing.  We would love to see the pictures you take of the bridges on the tour, so feel free to post them to our Facebook Page.

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