Anyone can get the flu, whether you are healthy, young, old, have had it before, or never had it.  According to the Lehigh Valley Health Network,

“Getting a flu vaccine is one of the best things you can do for the health of you and/or your child.  It can prevent serious illness.  You need a new vaccine each year because the immunity wears off over time.  Also, each year the vaccine is adjusted to attack new strains and variations of influenza, giving you an added layer of protection.  For example, last year’s flu vaccines included protection against H1N1 (“swine flu”), which had appeared nationwide in 2009.”

There are many places in the Lehigh Valley that offer the flu vaccine, making it easy for you to find a location close to you.  In addition to the convenience, some places are even offering FREE flu vaccines.

Dorney Park and Coca Cola Park
The Lehigh Valley Health Network will be offering free flu shots again this year at Dorney Park and Coca Cola Park, on November 5-6.

CVS is one of the pharmacy locations in the Lehigh Valley offering flu shots with walk-in availability.  You may also make an appointment.  Many insurance plans cover the cost of flu shots, but you can also receive a $5 gift card if you are not covered by insurance.

Another pharmacy in the Lehigh Valley offering flu shots is Walgreens.  You have the option of walking in at any time or scheduling an appointment, and you can even complete your vaccine consent form and bring a copy to save time at your appointment.

Target Pharmacy
The pharmacy at Target stores offer flu shots with the availability to walk in or make an appointment.  You can also get flu facts at your fingertips by texting “flu” to 827438 (TARGET) to receive a link to our mobile phone.

Walmart Pharmacy
The Walmart Pharmacies across the Lehigh Valley also offer flu shots with no Co-Pay and no out-of pocket expense for Medicare Part B and 1000’s of insurance plans.

It is so important for the health of your entire family to get flu vaccines and the Lehigh Valley makes it easy with all of the convenient locations that offer them.  You can also go to your regular doctor, or any hospital.

Do you know of other places to get flu shots in the Lehigh Valley?

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