The streets of historic downtown Bethlehem are lined with shops, restaurants, local hangouts, and so much more, but what isn’t there is a cigar bar.  Cigars International recognized the need for such a place, and will be opening The Wooden Match on August 5, 2011, just in time for Musikfest.  Moving into what was once the Main Street Depot building, a historic train station, The Wooden Match will be located at 61 E. Lehigh Street in Bethlehem, featuring more than two dozen beers, pub-style food, and most importantly, about 75 different cigars and cigar roller.

Upon opening on August 5, The Wooden Match will offer a food menu to include nachos, beer-battered onion rings, turkey club sandwiches, Reuben’s, and french dip and beer-basted hotdogs.  What better selection is there to accompany beer and cigars?!

This is just the beginning for The Wooden Match, as long term plans include offering as many as 125 varieties of beer, an expanded food menu complete with entrees, and a combining of Cigars International, located on Route 191, with the cigar bar.  Major renovations took place to create the atmosphere of The Wooden Match, changing the outdated interior and exterior for a modern take on a local hangout.  From stripping red carpeting and wall paper to filling the walls with earth tones, cigar memorabilia, and pictures of the building when it was a working railroad station, this cigar bar is sure to become one of the more popular places in Bethlehem.

The Wooden Match remodel is being completed by Donovan Associates of Bethlehem, whose office happens to be in an old freight depot right next to the Main Street Depot building.  This is the same company that renovated the old train depot in Quakertown and is expected to show off something equally as impressive with this new project!  The renovations will not stop with the opening, but will eventually add new seating, a walk-in humidor, and possibly a smokers’ lounge to add to the open permittence of smoking in the bar and restaurant.

Does The Wooden Match sound like a place you will visit in Bethlehem?

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