The square footage of a home, no matter how large, only matters if you’ve made the most of the space, especially when it comes time to put it up for sale.  Today’s buyers are looking for the absolute most for their money, and space is the number one commodity.  Even small homes can feel spacious by implementing a few of these tricks.

Avoid Too Many Colors

Any room will instantly feel and look more spacious by limiting the use of colors.  Too many colors will cause a room to appear cluttered, in turn, making it feel closed in and smaller than it actually is.  This goes not only for your furniture choices but decor as well.  Instead of having a couch in blue, a chair in green, and a multi-colored wall hanging, opt instead for a matching couch and chair, with the same color hues in the wall hanging.  For decor, stick to one or two colors to offset the furniture instead of a variety of many colors.

Don’t Use Area Rugs

While area rugs can be used to visually break up a space or simply for comfort under your feet, when it’s time to sell your home, you’ll want to remove them.  Exposing as much of the flooring as possible will help the room to look more spacious, as well as give it a sense of cleanliness.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are not only beautiful additions to any decor, they will actually allow a space to appear larger.  A wall opposite a window is a perfect place to hang a mirror, as the light will then reflect off of it into the room, not only adding a feeling of spaciousness but adding more light, another top-request from home buyers.

Avoid Clutter

The more you stuff into a room, the less spacious it will feel.  Too many items become a visual distraction, making the room feel crowded and small.  Carefully go through each room in your home, deciding which items should stay and which should get packed away.  Instead of displaying your entire collection of prized possessions, choose a grouping of three or five and display them together.  Another tip to avoid feeling crowded is to leave some surfaces clear of decor.  Not every flat space in the room needs to have something on it.

Use a Light Paint Color

This trick is especially helpful in smaller homes, as a lighter paint color will allow the light to reflect off of it, giving the room a feeling of more space.  In order to keep the room from feeling boring and bland, choose a few decor items with bold color and strategically place them around the room to allow a buyer’s eye to travel.

Don’t Cover Windows

Unless you absolutely need to cover a window for privacy, it will always be in your best interest to leave them all-natural.  This will allow as much light to come in as possible while helping to avoid the look of too many colors and clutter.  If the window does in fact require the addition of some kind of treatment, opt for a non-heavy sheer that still allows some light to pass through.  The less heavy a window treatment is, the more spacious the room will feel.

Choose Furnishings Wisely

Not every piece of furniture you’ve collected over the years has to be set up in every room of your home.  Choosing the pieces wisely, the ones that match, and the ones that allow for the best visual will help to make the room appear larger.  For example, in a smaller living room, use only one couch instead of the couch, loveseat, and matching chair and watch as the room instantly gets larger.  In a bedroom, instead of putting lamps on the nightstands, mount swing arm lamps to the wall in order to keep the nightstand available for a decor item.

These are just a few tricks that will have your home, no matter how small, looking as spacious as possible, one of the number one selling points to buyers.  If you have any questions about preparing your home for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What tips do you have to make a room feel more spacious?


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