Before “Going Green” became the latest catch-phrase, residents of the Lehigh Valley strove to incorporate energy-efficient solutions in their homes.  There are a plethora of options to reduce household energy and contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling.  Making smart decisions about your home’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning can have a big effect on your energy bills and comfort.  Installing proper caulking and weather stripping during the construction of your home, or even updating this in older homes, can go a long way in keeping your home from losing valuable cool air this upcoming summer.  Consider a home inspection, especially for older homes, to check for potential “leaks” from windows and doors.  However, external sealing is not the only way to prevent a loss of energy in your home.  Sealing your heating and cooling ducts can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20%.

An upgrade to attic insulation is also an important energy-saving solution to consider in shielding your home from a loss of energy.  Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system can go a long way in sustaining the life of your home.  Checking your air filter every month and changing it regularly can prolong the life of your air system.  A dirty filter will slow down airflow and make the system work harder to cool or heat your home, causing a drain in energy.  A clean filter also prevents expensive maintenance and repairs by keeping dust and dirt from building up.

A programmable thermostat is ideal for people who are away for set periods of time, especially during vacation time in the summer, yet wish to maintain the energy integrity of their home.  Inside your home, you can substitute traditional incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs; LED bulbs are known to use only 25% as much power and can last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting solutions.

These are just a few upgrades and solutions to consider while keeping your home healthy and comfortable during the year.  An additional bonus is that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency provides tax credits for energy upgrades, helping you to do more than just cut down on your electricity bill.  Contribute to an eco-friendly Lehigh Valley and keep your home energy efficient all year long!

How do you keep your home energy efficient?


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