Anyone who enjoys design, especially with respect to home spaces and living, will find reThink, Imaginative Design for the Home, a creative and alternative home thinking experience.  The small, but intimate setting of The Banana Factory’s Crayola Gallery will serve as the space for over a half dozen participative, visualizing, and rethink design concepts and applications for the home.  This unique event will be held on April 29-30 from 5-9pm on Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturday.

This one and a half-day event was specifically developed for those who appreciate smart design.  “Unlike most home and shelter related shows, we’ve worked reThink backwards, defining partners and experiences that fit within the reThink design theme,’ says Brett Bonnville, BuilderMEDIA, Inc. CEO | Founder.  “The textural experience and overall guest satisfaction will come from the entire package of selected interactive and engaging displays, set in the design lifting setting of The Banana Factory on Bethlehem’s cultural south side.”

reThink is a refreshing consumer event that “rethinks” elements of design throughout the home in a fun, thought-provoking, participative, and discussion-worthy experience.  You will see and find inspiration in ideas, products, and applications that stimulate fresh perspectives and thinking on design in and around the home and is ideal for those who appreciate all levels of design or are seeking alternatives to everyday choices.  Featured reThink inspirations include:

• Unbounded Designs in Furniture
• Outdoor Social & Experiential Design
• Design Sensations in Remodeling
• Home Media: So Much | Made Simple
• Textures in Exotic Wood
• Multimedia: A Day Made of Glass
• Activity: Design Warm up
• The Classic/Modern Window

Scott Rotherberger’s PLACE, HouseThisLV | theDESIGNguide, Advanced Residential Systems, the Corning Corp., S.D. Feather, S & D Renovations, Inc., Morris Black Designs, and Wehrung’s Specialty Lumber are among the many presenters that will delight you at this inspiring home event.

Whether you are interested in making efficient, smart upgrades to your home, or are one of those people who just love to know what else is out there when it comes to what your home could be, this is a Lehigh Valley event you won’t want to miss.  From unique ways to organize to a fireplace in your bathroom, reThink will have you inspired and dreaming of ways to enhance your home!

Visit www.reThinkDesign.INFO for additional information about this debut event, or give Brett Bonnville a call at 610-346-9061.

If you could pick one room in your home to enhance by visiting this event, what would it be?

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