It’s time to find out where some of the best places are to go sledding in the Lehigh Valley!  Although there are not many sledding hills that have websites or even an actual street address, if you are a Lehigh Valley local, you know that there are literally hundreds of places to grab your friends and go sledding or tubing for the day.  In no particular order, here are some of the sledding hills that have become worthy of telling you about.

Hackett Park, Easton
When the kids get together at Hackett Park, they enjoy any variety of ways to have fun like building snow ramps, racing down the hill, or even making their own sledding devices!  On January 16, 2011, Rodney Michael, of Forks Township, rode down the hill on a borrowed bicycle made from a Mongoose Bicycle adapted with two halves of a skateboard deck instead of wheels.

Hill at DeSales University
Sledding down the hill at DeSales University, located in Center Valley, is listed as one of the top 50 things to do at this campus!  When classes are canceled for snow, you’ll be sure to find a gathering of people both young and old.

Nazareth Borough Park Hill
The fun never ends when you get to spend the day sledding with friends or family.  The Nazareth Borough Park Hill has been a gathering spot for locals as well as people from neighboring towns.

15 Catty Park
Located in Catasauqua, Catty Park is known as the “3 Dips” to the people that spend the day sledding here.  Instead of just one large hill, enjoy a roller coaster-like feeling while shooting down the hill over the “3 Dips”!

Lehigh Parkway
The Lehigh Parkway is absolutely beautiful after a fresh fallen snow.  Located in Allentown, it is a popular sledding spot in the Lehigh Valley.  In addition to sledding, the Lehigh Parkway is famous for its Annual Lights in the Parkway, as well as a recreational 5 mile loop.

Again, there are literally hundreds of places to go sledding (or any other variety of getting down the snow-covered hills in the Lehigh Valley.

Tell us where your favorite places are to sled in the Lehigh Valley!


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