Any time of year is a good time to introduce yourself or your family to a new pet.  Whether you are a cat lover, dog fanatic, or have always wanted a rabbit, owning a pet can be such a rewarding change to your life.  Make an even bigger difference by adopting your new pet from one of the best animal shelters in the Lehigh Valley that make it their mission to provide care and assistance to pets who have been abandoned or neglected.

Located in Whitehall, Peaceable Kingdom Inc. is just one of the special places that are a godsend to the abused and forgotten animals in this area.  Visit their Facebook Page to see how easy it is to help animals in need.

Peaceable Kingdom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization supported by business and community partners and concerned citizens in the Lehigh Valley.  We provide care and shelter to animals that are lost, injured or abandoned.  We offer no-kill solutions to the growing crisis of dog and cat overpopulation.  Whether it’s rescuing animals stranded by natural disaster, holding all-night adoption marathons or educating the public on animal welfare, Peaceable Kingdom is always in the forefront.

Animals in Distress, located in Coopersburg, in another non-profit sanctuary for pets in need.  “Its programs are designed to prevent suffering and to save lives. We believe that there is a special home somewhere for every pet if there is enough time to find it.  We keep every animal admitted, providing medical care, behavioral rehabilitation, good food, shelter, and, most important of all, love until a suitable new home can be found.  No animal is killed because it is unwanted, too old, or injured.”  Take a virtual tour of their facility to check out where your next pet lives!

Forgotten Felines and Fidos, located in Germansville, provides an amazing place to house homeless cats and dogs.  Read their story to truly appreciate how dedicated the volunteers are in making sure their animals are placed into the perfect homes.

Never underestimate the power of volunteers coming together for a particular cause.  All three of these animal shelters are No-Kill Shelters, meaning that no animal is inhumanely killed for any reason.  If it’s time for you to add a new member to your family, check out these adoption facilities first!

Did I miss anyone?  If you know of any other NO-Kill animal shelters in the Lehigh Valley, please mention them below in the comment box.


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