After getting their inspiration from Fox’s television show, Glee, three dozen students at Saucon Valley High School have teamed up to form their very own glee club, complete with renditions of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.  The president of the club, 15-year-old sophomore Alessandra Pazzaglia, said she came up with the idea while watching Glee on Tuesday nights.

The newly formed glee club at Saucon Valley High School was created to be different than chorus and other musically inclined programs.

Chorus, Pazzaglia said, is more organized and serious.  Theater puts on a production, she said.  With Glee Club, students can show up whenever they can.  “We have a really good music department, but a lot of people can’t participate because of sports,” she said. “This is all about free expression.”

And when it comes to expression in song, there is no perfect pitch.  “I’ve always loved to sing, but I’m not the best singer in the world. I just really enjoy it,” Pazzaglia said.

The relaxed mission of the club has drawn students to participate, like Jameson Packer, a 16-year-old junior who said, “It’s just the singing that drew me to it, I just want to blow off steam and have fun”!  Well, fun is exactly what the group is having, practicing for their upcoming spring production of “Grease”.

Kimberly Tassinaro, one of the group advisers and biology teacher says, “My goal’s to teach them to be performers and to have fun, not to be technically perfect singers and dancers.  We’re not looking to be a competitive team, but to learn to be performers, not to be scared to audition for a play.”

Advisor Lisa Allen goes on to say, “The secret to it is to find out what they love, what motivates them to do more than the minimum.  So hey, if today it’s glee club, then that’s something.  Kids need to feel like they belong.”

Similar groups have convened across the country as the popularity of the hit show grows.  The Morning Call states,

Across the country, 31 percent of children ages 8 to 18 said they want to get involved in music, thanks to shows like “Glee” and movies like Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock 2” series, according to a Harris Interactive poll released in August by the National Association of Music Merchants.  Some said they want to learn an instrument or audition for the school play. Others said they want to take up singing lessons.

No matter what the reason or where the motivation comes from, the Saucon Valley High School students are having fun making music, all without a budget.  The students practice in whatever classrooms are available at the end of the day, and are having the time of their lives!  Being involved in school activities is a priceless avenue for our students.

How are you involved with the students of your community?


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