The holiday season should be filled with joy, happiness, and laughter.  Make sure your celebrations and guest visits are as safe as possible to ensure a carefree and fun holiday season.  By doing these 5 things, you will be able to rest easy and take comfort in the times you spend with family and friends.

Be Fire Smart.  With all of the holiday lights, candles, cooking, and trains under the Christmas tree, it’s important to be prepared in the event of a fire.  Keep a fire extinguisher on hand for small fires, and make sure your smoke detectors are all in working order.  You should also install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.  Make sure to check all of the batteries to ensure they work.

Protect the Children.  Whether you have children of your own or will be visited by nieces, nephews, or grandkids, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure they are safe and protected from harm in your home.  Childproof areas of your home by using grip-and-twist doorknob covers, latches, and plug protectors.  Also, install a heat-resistant oven lock to keep children from opening the hot oven.  Remember to hide all wires and cables to help prevent anyone from tripping.

Purify the Air.  Make sure your home is free of allergens and other things in the air that could cause discomfort to your guests by setting up an air purifier.  Having clean air in your home will also help to combat the flu virus and cold germs, keeping yourself and your guests comfortable.

Secure Entries to your Home.  The holidays can be prime time for burglaries, so do all you can to make robbers turn the other way.  Update your locks with an electronic deadbolt system or a numeric keypad to enter your home.  This will help to deter burglars.  Set your holiday lights to come on with a timer so if you aren’t home, your home will still be lit and festive.  Another way to ensure the safety of your home is to set up a neighborhood holiday watch where everyone is looking out for each other’s homes.

Bathroom Safety.  It may become necessary to equip your bathroom for the older guests you will have this holiday season.  It can be very easy to install a grab bar next to the toilet or bathtub for the extra help that may be needed.  Make sure to use slip-resistant mats in the bathtub to prevent slipping and falling.  Ensure there is proper lighting, especially at night.  Use a nightlight to illuminate the bathroom at night as well as the hallway to keep your guests safe during the night.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and let us know if you have additional ways to keep the holiday celebrations safe.


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