When he left the finance world in late 2007, local entrepreneur, Marcus Cudd, was focused on leveraging his web marketing skills in a new career move that would put him in better alignment with the work he most enjoyed. During a brief stint with a local software company, he saw that small and medium-size businesses were being largely ignored in the web marketing space, as web designers and ad agencies were focused on the biggest players. With a looming recession coming in 2008, he figured these businesses would need the web more than ever to generate more customers and prospects during the lean times and he launched SearchworxX to meet that demand.

The move has turned out to be very good for Mr. Cudd, as the demand for web marketing expertise has soared for smaller and medium-sized businesses. Often told by agencies that they need to spend heavily on Pay Per Click marketing, the small business needs that Marcus meets are usually dissatisfied with the results. With his focus on conversion funnels on the website and search engine rankings, his clients have seen their marketing costs decrease and their return-on-investment surge. It’s this simple formula that has helped his business grow into Philadelphia and New Jersey as well.

A married father of three, Marcus has been a Lehigh Valley resident for 16 years. He and his family enjoy hiking the various parks in the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos, as well as traveling to the Jersey and Maryland shores in the summer. Educated in computer science, he actually went to work in the mortgage banking field right out of college. Watching the collapse of the mortgage sector in 2007 was difficult, says Cudd, “but somehow as crazy as the lending game had gotten, it seemed inevitable.”

“For small businesses to succeed on the web,” he explains, “they must invest in keyword research and strategy, then be willing to honestly assess the shortfalls of the website. That doesn’t mean a website re-design, but it does mean usually making changes so that the prospect understands the call-to-action and enters the sales funnel as intended. Remember, the users are at your site because they have an interest in your product or service, all you need to do is convince them of your credibility and value proposition. Action needs to be identifiable within five seconds or they are potentially lost.”

Cudd believes that as simple as this approach may seem, most business owners do not have that approach in their websites. “It seems most websites are designed to make the owner happy aesthetically, but forget that the user wants fast, easy, access to important content. This is where the battle is lost,” he says.

For business owners who would like a free consultation, visit his website at SearchworxX.com and take advantage of this service.

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