The Crayola Factory, located in Easton, Pa, has introduced a “green philosophy” to their exhibits and hands-on projects, in the hopes of teaching children early on about the environment through the sun, water, and the earth.

The Crayola Factory is known for fun, creativity, and the many different educational activities and projects they offer for children of all ages.  One such activity to be sure to check out is “Creative Studio”, a fun way to learn about the sun and the environment.

In Creative Studio “Thanks to the Sun” Banners will be featured. Visitors will think about the sun and its many gifts while creating banners with the collage art technique. In Easton Press & Bindery visitors will create Bubble Wrap Waterscape Prints. This project encourages visitors to think about how to help keep the earth’s water sources clean as they draw waterscapes. They will then use bubble wrap to make bubble prints, creating the illusion of scenes under water. In Super Sculptures the featured project will be “Living on the Earth Sculptures” where guests will sculpt a miniature earthen sphere and draw an image of where their home is located.

The latest exhibit, A Green Idea, a Creative Environment for a Greener Tomorrow will highlight the Crayola, PPL, and UGI Solar Energy project, an amazing collaboration of ideas about energy and children.

If only places like this were available for us when we were children!  The Crayola Factory has gone to many lengths to provide an educational, and most importantly, fun environment for families to enjoy a day, weekend, or an entire season of activities, projects, parties, and workshops!  They even offer three different membership programs to become a part of the Crayola Factory family!  If you’re not ready for a membership program, you can still save on admission with this coupon!

The Crayola Factory’s implementation of their “Green Idea” is a fantastic way for your children to learn about the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle in a creative and fun atmosphere.

Has anyone been to the Crayola Factory since they’ve gone green?  We would love to hear your stories about your experience!


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