One of the biggest challenges people face when it comes to exercising is the lack of time to do so.  Because it is such an important topic, we are featuring an article posted by Heather Strencosky, a Chiropractor at Comprehensive Chiropractic, PC, located in Allentown.

Heather posted this article about 10 Ways to fit Physical Activity into your Day to her blog, Achieving a Healthier Life.

10 Ways to Fit Physical Activity Into Your Day

Finding time for exercise may be difficult when you work full-time, need to take the kids to baseball practice, cook, clean, and the list goes on and on. Here are some tips to add some physical activity to your day.

1.Schedule a 15-30 minute walk at lunch time

2.Walk the dog in the morning before work

3.Stretch for 5 minutes before bed

4.Sit on an exercise ball for 15-30 minutes while working at your computer

5.Park in the last row of the parking lot at the office or the store

6.Skip the elevator and take the stairs

7.Spend 10 minutes doing a workout with light weights

8.Jump rope for 5 minutes

9.Take a bike ride with your kids

10.Walk instead of riding a cart when you golf

Make a commitment to add one of these activities to your day for the next 30 days how different you feel. The more you exercise the more you will want to exercise.

Thank you Heather for providing such great tips about how we all can be more physically active during the day and lead a healthier life.  To receive updates from Heather Strencosky’s blog, Achieving a Healthier Life, visit her blog and click on the link to follow her or visit Comprehensive Chiropractic, PC in Allentown!


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