The schools that make up the Allentown School District have not always been given the highest regards, but that is all changing!  Huge efforts are being made to revamp the reputation and education of the Allentown School District with the opening or expansion of 7 schools.  Over $155 million dollars have been invested to improve the education of our children.

On May 4, 2010 students and teachers commemorated the additions of both Trexler and South Mountain Middle Schools.  On May 19, Harrison-Morton Middle School celebrated the dedication and opening of the Dr. John A. Jr. McAdams Space Center.  The Space Center allows students to remotely control robots in a Mars-like setting to learn about space.  The Space Center occupies two, second-floor classrooms and features movie projectors, computers, and televisions.

By the time classes are back in session in the fall, William Allen High School and Jackson Elementary School students will be in new buildings!

William Allen High School is finishing a new 9th grade academy. This is going to have 28 brand new classrooms, a two-story cafeteria, a media center, a bridge to the main campus, and a “Green” roof. A “Green” roof is when plants grow on the roof of a building. All together, it is an 84,476 square feet addition to the William Allen campus.

The art classrooms in the other campus buildings are being upgraded; the locker rooms and the gyms will be renovated, the cafeteria will be renovated, and cosmetic work will be preformed to 100 classrooms. William Allen will also be the home of two new dance studios, and the black box theatre will be renovated.

The students of Jackson Elementary School will be attending classes in a new 85,000 square foot building that is replacing the current structure on 15th Street.  The new school will have 40 classrooms to accommodate the growing student population of 750.

Dieruff High School celebrated the dedication of the Michael Meilinger Wing on June 1, 2010.

The addition to Dieruff High School will consist of a new 60,800 sq. ft. ninth grade academy providing 24 new science and academic classrooms, in addition to a new kitchen/cafeteria, media center, weight and wrestling

The existing high school will be entirely air-conditioned, in addition to receiving ADA, lighting, power, data and security upgrades. All classrooms and science classrooms will be modernized, in addition to upgrades to the auditorium, kitchen/cafeteria, locker rooms, art, music and performing art spaces. The entire existing school will receive a new window wall system.

Last but not least, the Allentown School District celebrated the opening of the Luis A. Ramos Elementary School at 15th and Allen Streets.  This is the first new school to open in the Allentown School District in over 20 years.  This new school consists of 78,000 Sq. Ft. with 40 classrooms.  Read more about the new school in The Morning Call.

The celebration of Allentown School District’s expansions and openings has been longed for by students, faculty, parents, and the communities for many years.  Our children deserve the best possible education, and that’s exactly what’s in store for the students who will start classes again in September.


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