It’s that time of year when your children are home from school for the summer and the question is, “what can I do with my kids today?”  The possibilities are endless but take a look at these 3 fun ways to make sure your children are doing something to keep them active and their minds stimulated.

One fun activity is painting.  Whether it’s on paper, on a wall, on the sidewalk, or on themselves, children love the freedom that comes with playing with colors and textures. gives some great tips on ways to play with paint, starting with sidewalk chalk.

Turn sidewalk-chalk art into watercolor creations: Just dip the chalk in water before drawing, or spray water onto your driveway to create a wet “canvas.” The H2O gives the chalk a painterly feel.

Another way to get your children excited about painting is to find a chair or piece of furniture that can become your child’s masterpiece.  Garage sales are perfect for finding chairs, tables, and other furniture to redecorate!  Start by cleaning the item with soap and water, sand it down, wipe it off with a damp cloth, and your child can now paint it whatever color they want!

A rainy day will keep your kids inside, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have to sit in front of the television.  Painting can be just as fun inside as outside, especially if you have a wall that can become your child’s blank canvas.  Give your kids free reign on that wall and watch their mural come to life!  Once it’s finished (and you’ve taken pictures of course), paint over it for another blank canvas!

A second way to keep your kids active and having fun this summer is the Lehigh University Starters Sport Camp 2010.

Starters Sports Camp is designed to teach fundamental athletic skills that can be applied to many different sports. Skills such as dribbling, throwing, catching, shooting, kicking, hitting, balance, running, jumping, and many other fundamentals will be taught.

This camp is a great way for young children to have a FUN introduction to many different sports and athletic activities  while developing and improving their basic athletic ability.

Daily games will include elements of traditional sports as well as age-old playground games.  There will also be unique and challenging games designed to be fun and educational!

Camp runs from 9:o0am – 11:30am daily with drop off beginning at 8:45am and a nutritious snack will be provided.  Click here to sign up or call 610-758-3166/4318 or email [email protected].

Another summer hot spot that can be enjoyed by the whole family is a little known place in The Lehigh Valley called Dutch Springs, located in Bethlehem, Pa.  Home to an aqua park, camping, and so much more, Dutch Springs offers season passes as well as inexpensive daily rates.

With so many activities in the Lehigh Valley for you and your children to enjoy during the summer, I can’t possibly list them all here!  Please feel free to let us know of other fun summer activities or places to go by telling us below!


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