Although your children may not be at school during the summer months, reading and learning is still an important part of their vacation.  Keeping your kids minds stimulated with things other than video games is easy with a trip to your local library or getting involved with a book club.  A study conducted at Nevada University indicates that children who grow up in homes with books will fair better in school than others.

Excerpt from The Telegraph:

Regular access to books has a direct impact on pupils’ results, irrespective of parents’ own education, occupation and social class, it was claimed.

Researchers said that children coming from a “bookish home” remained in education for around three years longer than young people born into families with empty bookshelves.

Borders Book Stores offers a program called “Double Dog Dare“.  This program allows children under 12 to receive a free book after they have read 10!  All they have to do is fill out the Double Dog Form and bring it to any Borders Book Store.  What a great way to keep your children motivated to read!

Another fantastic way to keep your children reading throughout the summer is to get them a subscription to a kids magazine.  Many of the magazines have on-line content that will expand the learning process further.  Highlights Magazine is packed with reading, activities, fun learning sessions, and so much more.

Another magazine that will not only be entertaining but educational for your child is Cricket.  Cricket has 14 award winning subscription options depending on the age of your child, and offers books and other learning tools as well.

Keep your kids reading throughout the summer months to improve their outlook on learning and build excitement for going back to school!

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