It is never too early to start using sunblock.  Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is as important for yourself as it is for your children.  The sun’s rays and UV rays not only damage the skin but causes the aging process to kick in prematurely.  Wrinkles are caused by the sun’s rays as well.  Using sunblock with the appropriate SPF will help to combat the early signs of aging and help keep the damage to your skin at a minimum.

Tips from mywomenstuff:

-Use a sunscreen that blocks or filters UV-A and UV-B rays. These are broad spectrum sunscreens.

-Use a sunscreen that is SPF15 and above. According to reports, there is no evidence that very high SPF will actually protect your skin more but here in the tropics, SPF 50 is the norm. The Japanese have their own system of rating sunscreens with PA+++ for the highest and PA+ for low ratings.

-Reapply often especially if you are going to be out in the sun. However, for practical purposes, I can only see this reapplication for the body for most of us who work will have our faces made up and thus, reapplying sunscreen isn’t much of an option.

-When applying sunscreen do not forget areas like your neck and ears. Men or women with short hair tend to forget the back of the neck and the tips of the ears which can burn easily.

Another damaging effect of the sun’s rays and UV rays is the possibility of getting skin cancer, as well as the harmful effects of getting a sunburn.  Other effects of not protecting yourself from the sun are scarring, causing freckles, cataracts, and macular degeneration, which can cause blindness.

The sun’s rays and UV rays can cause many harmful effects if not protected against.  If you don’t already, start using sunblock today and make sure you are getting the best kind for your skin type!


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