College graduates are facing a tough era.  The days of landing your dream job right out of college are fading fast.  With the limited number of options available, it is more important than ever to be as prepared as possible when searching for the right job, interviewing, and attending career fairs.

Morning Call:

The difference between the recession-challenged Class of 1982 and the fortunate Class of 1989 turned out to be more than $100,000 in earnings over 17 years. Every percentage point increase in the national unemployment rate — now 9.7 percent — costs the typical graduate 6 or 7 percent in wages as they start their careers.

They may receive less training or advancement opportunities as employers pinch pennies in response to the downturn.

Preparation is the key to success when attending a career fair.  The more research you’ve done about a potential employer, the better your communication will be, and your chances of being remembered are maximized. is a fantastic resource for tips and ways to get an edge over the competition.

A particularly important tip is to plan out key questions in advance.

Be ready to ask intelligent questions like asking how your skills might be utilized within the framework of the company and by asking questions about relevant news within that organization. Make sure to ask the recruiter what he or she likes best about the corporate culture to better assess if that company is right for you.

A positive first impression is a must when attending any interview or career fair.  Make sure you have dressed appropriately, in business attire!  Again, having done extensive research on a potential employer will allow you to communicate more effectively, enforcing the positive impression they have of you.

It is more important than ever for college graduates to utilize any and all resources available to them to get a leg up on the competition.  Take a look at the complete list of tips from CareerBuilder!


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