Graduation from any school is a milestone celebrated by families everywhere.  Whether it’s from Kindergarten, high school, or college, the graduation parties that follow should be a celebration of achieving success.

For the high school graduate, having a party is “the next step”, then off to college.  Most high school graduates know where they will be spending the next 4 years of their lives.  Send your graduates off to college with a party they can be proud of.  One way is to celebrate the school spirit of the college they will be attending.

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Along with a regular play list of songs, make sure to include the college’s fight song at least once every hour in the play list. If the school has a well known marching band, there might be a number of signature songs that they play during sporting events.

In addition to the perfect music, the perfect decorations are a must!  Using the college’s school colors for the decoration theme is a great way to instill school spirit into your graduate and their friends.  It is important for your graduate to have the support of their friends when making the life-changing decision of choosing where to go for higher learning.

Another way to incorporate a school’s colors into the graduation party is with flowers.  Pick out flowers that match the intended college’s school colors.  These flowers can be used as the centerpieces of the tables.

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Either choose flowers that reflect the school colors and create a few easy arrangements, or do a quick search to find out if any one flower has a particular significance for the school. If so, try to incorporate this flower into the table centerpieces. For a more upscale party, tuck floral stem into the napkin at each place setting.

Every graduate should be celebrated in some way for achieving a milestone they have worked so hard for.  Make it special by picking the perfect theme, playing the best music, having the most memorable decorations, and setting up the best games!


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