Having a clearly defined strategy when job hunting will make the process less stressful and will help you make better decisions when you are offered that job position.  The decision to accept a new job should not be made lightly.  Your resume and your reputation are at stake when taking on a new position, so make sure it’s the job you want.

Excerpt from Monster.com:

While an offer can give you a sense of security, that feeling can quickly vanish if the position just isn’t right for you and you find yourself looking for another job quickly. Besides giving the impression that you’re a job-hopper, a poor career decision like this can also undermine your self-confidence and derail your career progress.

Before making the decision to accept the first offer you receive, consider all of your options and weigh them out carefully.  While there is not a specific model to follow, these 4 Steps will help you weigh your options to make the best decision for you and your family.

Consider all of your alternatives when choosing to accept a job being offered to you, not just your financial status.  It may be necessary to accept a job for financial reasons, but consider how it will effect your home and family life if you are unhappy with your new career direction and decide to look for another.  It pays to do the research and look at all of your options before making that important decision.


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