It seems as though it is becoming increasingly harder to fall asleep at night and stay asleep, with all of the life stress that people face on a daily basis.  It is hard to fall asleep with all of the day’s events and issues running through your mind.  I have to read a book for at least a half-hour when retiring for the night, or my mind just doesn’t shut down.  That seems to be the problem for so many of us.

Excerpt from Stress Management:

Sleep is a valuable and restorative resource that’s vital to well being and stress management, but can sometimes be hard to come by for the busy and stressed. (According to a recent poll on this site, for example, about half of you are getting 6 hours of sleep or less, and are in dire need of more and better sleep!)

With so many busy people in this world, it’s not surprising that so many of us are sleep deprived.  These Top 10 Best Strategies for Better Sleep will help to improve the length and quality of sleep you get.  One such tip is to play a low-key, quiet computer game instead of watching TV for that last hour of the day.

While many people like to zone out in front of the T.V. before bed, playing low-key computer games can be a refreshing alternative. They can create a nice distraction from the stress of the day and be a great way of ‘shifting gears’, but aren’t so exciting that they make sleep elusive. These games can also sharpen your mental abilities and help you learn new skills: The Stress Relief Memory Game and The Stress Management Word Game. Find other games and fun stuff in the Fun and Games Section.

Sleep is so important to our overall health and well-being.  We function better, have sharper minds, and quicker response time when we are fully rested.  Try one or all of these Tips for Better Sleep and start out every day ready to tackle the world!


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