We all know that Yoga is a form of exercise that is meant to release tension, improve balance, and relax you.  Why not practice these methods with your children to improve their overall well-being?

Volcano: Stand still, with your feet on the ground and your hands in the prayer pose. Count to three and erupt, jumping up high and yelling while bringing the arms up, down, and back to center.

Downward Dog: Place your hands and feet on the ground so that you’re in an inverted “V” position. Children may lift and shake one leg at a time to develop coordination, strength, and balance.

Lion: Sit on your knees, with hands on your thighs. Inhale deeply while arching your back. Lean forward, tilt your head up, and then open your eyes wide, stick out your tongue, and roar!

The Yoga Site describes how yoga can not only help children with relaxation and stress reduction, but can also help children with the common disorder ADD and ADHD.  The article talks about the importance of posture and confidence, and how “partner poses” can help to build trust and form bonds.

Take a look at parenting.com to get started with some ideas!


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