Family Game Night brings everyone together to have some fun and create fantastic memories!  Quality family time is something that falls to the wayside when your calendar is cluttered with appointments, your kids’ school schedules are hectic, and the dirty dishes seem to be multiplying.

Planning Your Family Game Night is easy with this step by step breakdown of exactly what to do and how to do it.  There are topics covered in this guide that I would have never thought of!

There are hundreds of games and creative activities that the whole family can decide on together.  Board games are a “classic” family night past time and include games such as Monopoly and Clue, but why not try something a little different like this suggestion from a Pittsburg mom and read the rest of the article.

What would you do?
Debbie Mancini-Wilson, a Pittsburgh mother of two boys — and author of Color My World, a book that helps kids tap into their creativity — likes games that vault kids into strange scenarios. Maybe the person chosen to start the game says, “A UPS guy walked into the house today wearing a gorilla suit. He started tearing the kitchen apart,” and then asks another player, “So, what would you do?” The second player might say, “Well, we were out of bananas. So I fed him my math homework, but he was still hungry,” and then questions the next player, “So, what would you do?” and so on. “Games like this not only give you a glimpse inside your kids’ heads and hearts, they’re a rehearsal for real life,” says Mancini-Wilson. Another plus: Since no one wins, even kids who hate to compete will like it. When the story flags, just start another.

Starting a new tradition in your home like having a Family Game Night will create memories for years to come!  It can be playing card games to dressing up, it’s the quality time you spend with your family that’s important!


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